So Long, Farewell, Aufwiedersehn, Goodnight

After nearly 5 years of operating independently in the UK it's finally time to say goodbye.

Our founder, Patrick Ross, has recently joined AWAL, the now Kobalt owned digital distributor, as their Head of Marketing. Here's a word from him:

To all those out there in cyberspace...

Thanks so much to all of our wonderful clients over the years. It was a wild ride, and boy was it fun. From rock and metal to psychedelic folk and singer songwriters we've seen it all. From those early days where MySpace was king to a new world where Facebook looms over the likes of Google+. We've watched the face of digital music and social media change so rapidly, and enjoyed nearly every minute of it. It is with great love and appreciation that Delta Nine now drifts softly into a hibernation, where dreams of all the wonderful acts that made it possible float through its proverbial head. And I now move on to new challenges as part of the exciting future of AWAL.

Take er easy,