Web Presence Creation and Implementation

An artist’s web presence is often the first glimpse a new fan will see of them, and serves as the base for all other digital activities. It not only tells a new fan just who this act is, what their music is all about, and how to get involved, but continues to allow an artist to communicate to their fanbase. In the past fans really only had a few ways to interact with a favourite artist. They could buy an album, possibly a t-shirt, and if lucky enough a gig ticket. Beyond that there was not much day-to-day artist to fan interaction. Today, the artist fan relationship has dramatically changed, with fans expecting to connect with an artist where they connect with the rest of the people in their online world, their favourite social network.

For this reason it is ever so important that artists effectively communicate their message and brand to these would be fans and fans alike, wherever they might find them. You have a story to tell and a message to communicate, and Delta Nine can help.

The Process

  1. Analyze current web presence
    1. Where do fans find you?
    2. Who are your fans?
    3. What message do they receive?
    4. What is your call to action?
    5. Are you everywhere your fans are?
  2. Recommend steps to properly define web presence
    1. Define current sites with consistent branding and message
    2. Create missing sites incorporating branding
    3. Properly interlink all sites so the artist can easily post once and communicate everywhere.

Fanbase Digital fan building tools

Once a proper web presence is established, and the artist is using it effectively to communicate to current fans, the next step will be to drive new would be fans to this presence. Using the power of highly targeted social media advertising and well-implemented data capturing tools Delta Nine will drive these would be fans to the web presence, with an aim to convert them to fans. The key is hitting your target market. No one likes spam and mis-directed advertising, but getting the right message to the right fan can be invaluable. The key is to target your message to those who are most likely to join your tribe. For instance, why would a new metal act waste money on advertising to soft rock fans? Using a combination of well targeted Google, Facebook, YouTube, and StumbleUpon advertising we can not only drive traffic to the artist’s sites, but build a utilizable fanbase, one that can be easily and effectively communicated to about your latest offerings.

E-Commerce Setup

As mentioned, in the past fans’ methods of interacting with an artist were limited. Fans were lumped into one group, all offered the same piece of plastic or shellac with a dozen or so songs on it that came out every year or so. Beyond that there was the possibility of some merch and perhaps a gig. Today, we can actually identify different levels of fans, creating tailored offers that are right for them. Fanbase is a broad term, and can range everywhere from the people who think that one song the band did is alright and wouldn’t mind owning it on their iPod to those who are completely obsessed, and wanting to own everything the band has ever recorded along with t-shirts and license plate covers, true superfans. The goal is to offer them all something that fits for their particular level of fanaticism.

We can help you create these offers. Using TopSpin technology we can integrate these offers directly onto platforms like Facebook and the artist website, as well as point specific offers to specific subsets of the fanbase. If someone just wants a few MP3 files, that’s just fine, sell it to them. If they want to shell out for a concert for them and their friends, that’s fantastic, we can offer that as well. The idea is to step away from the old model focused solely on records and tours, and to create whole range of offerings that hit all the segments of an artist’s fanbase.

Delta Nine can create, manage, and market these offers to your fans, keeping a steady business alive, rather than just dumping a heap of marketing at one record that might not hit everyone where they are.